Access Statement

The Croft

The Croft is approximately 100 metres from Bridgnorth High Street in the High Town.

There are buses available on the High Street approximately 250 and 350 yards from the Croft depending on the direction to be travelled in. There are also several taxi firms operating in and around the town. The Croft is situated on St. Mary's Street which has short term (40 minutes) parking through the day and unrestricted parking from 6pm until 8am every day, subject to availability. There is also short term parking approximately 80 metres away in Listley Street on a fairly level surface. We can assist with loading and unloading vehicles on request.

Access to the Croft's lobby is via an 82cm gap in the building walls and into reception via an 82cm wide door, both of these openings are on level ground except for 1 threshold.

Access from reception to the guest lounge is down one 7cm deep step and from reception to the dining rooms through a 70cm wide door, with no steps.

The Croft has one ground floor bedroom that is accessed from reception via an 80cm wide door followed by a short level walkway. There is then one step with a 16cm riser followed by a 1.5m level section. There are then 3 further steps with 16cm risers and 28cm treads, with one hand-rail, followed by a 2m level section with a 70cm minimum width, to the bedroom door which is 71cm wide.

All other bedrooms are accessed via staircases with 16cm risers and 24cm treads.

Rooms 1-3 are accessed via the 80cm wide door from reception followed by 12 steps with a half turn after the 10th step. The staircase is 97cm wide with a handrail on one side. Room 1 is then accessed from a short landing and up a 16cm step and through a 74cm wide door. Rooms 2 &3 are accessed via a 74cm wide door into a corridor with the rooms being accessed via 74cm wide doors.

There is a further staircase to Rooms 4-7 which are up a further 11 steps with 2 half turnings. There is one handrail along the whole length of the staircase. Rooms 4-6 are accessed via a short landing and a further step followed by a short corridor with the rooms accessed via 74cm wide doors.

Rooms 8-12 are accessed by a further staircase following the same route as to Room 8 followed by a 1 metre corridor and a 70cm wide door which leads to a staircase with an 80cm minimum width and 11 steps and one half turn with a handrail covering the whole distance. Rooms 9-11 are accessed from corridor doors 75cm wide and room doors 70cm wide with no further steps. Room 12 is accessed via a further staircase of 13 steps and one half turn with one handrail covering the whole distance, followed by a 70cm room door.

All areas in The Croft are non-smoking and there are fire alarms and smoke detectors in every room and corridor plus emergency lighting on each escape route.

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